What’s the Most Obscure Ammo?

So just for the fun of it, I decided to do something different today. So, in the comments, I want readers to name the most obscure ammunition they can think of. I’ll go first. Let’s have some fun. Maybe we’ll even learn something.

.38/.45 Clerke

Your turn.

6 Replies to “What’s the Most Obscure Ammo?”

    1. I kind of want to rebarrel something to take the .25 NAA. It’s never been huge but the concept was always interesting.

  1. .22 Eargesplitten Loudenboomer – a classic to fans of PO Ackley, obscure to everyone else, I’d say.

    A similar situation to .38/.45 Clerke, which is probably known to a lot of people who wanted to have a really fast pistol round in a handgun with a simple barrel change. The slightly weird cousin of .357 Sig and .400 Corbon.

    1. I’d forgotten that one. I haven’t looked at any of Ackley’s stuff in about 15 years. Wonder what barrel life was like.

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