Trust The Feeling, Listen To The Voice

Kathy over at the Cornered Cat blog, shared this blog post today. It is a good reminder for those with children. It’s also important to remember that we get “feelings” when something isn’t right. For some this may come as a “voice in the back of the head” or something along those lines. It is important that we don’t ignore that feeling or voice. It is there to help us survive. Instead, in many case, people choose to ignore it. How often have you heard someone say, “I should have known better”? Whether we’re trying to avoid food poisoning or a violent encounter, that voice is there for a reason.

Sometimes we may not even have a clue of why that voice or feeling is telling us “Not today” as we flip our left hand turn signal on and move back into traffic from the right turn lane. That was an experience I had. I returned to work to find out that moving back into traffic saved me from blundering into the Tacoma Mall shooting in 2005 during my lunch break. I couldn’t tell you how much the outcome would have differed had I been there. It may not have changed anything or it may have changed everything.

Maybe that voice has keyed in on the pre-attack indicators coming from the individual across the parking lot that has just changed direction to intercept you. They ask for a smoke as they continue closer. When you tell them you don’t have one, they continue closer. At that point, a person I knew told the individual they had come close enough. What followed could be debated on whether it was the right course of action, so I won’t get into it. Suffice it to say, a couple more verbal exchanges ensued and the approaching dirt bag finally changed course.

To ignore the “voice” or “feeling” is something you do at your own risk. Yes, I understand some people are overly paranoid and “feel” something behind every rock. That’s the opposite of what we’re trying to achieve here.

This is one way we avoid ever getting “into the fight” to begin with.

Cheers and happy Thursday folks.