I am a shooting enthusiast and perpetual student of the gun. In my youth, I was a martial artist. While the other guys were playing football, I was in Tae Kwan Do or Koga Ryu Ninjutsu (I didn’t know any better. If I had it to do over, I’d have been in BraziIian Jiu Jutsu).

My first gun magazine came in 1986 and was the issue that had a Desert Eagle on the cover and .22lr Calico. My actual hands on experience┬ástarted about 20 years ago. The day I turned 21, I put a deposit on an HK USP40C and applied for my concealed carry license. Once I had both in hand, I realized I needed training. This led me to training with a local instructor who’s husband worked for a local municipality.

After some more training, I moved on to training with Marty Hayes at Firearms Academy of Seattle (F.A.S.)and Massad Ayoob’s Judicious Use of Deadly Force when he was hosted at F.A.S.

From there, I worked for a local shop for about a year and later managed an indoor firing range for about a year. After that, I left the industry for a few years.

I re-entered the industry a couple of years ago after an experience that happened at home one Saturday afternoon. Immediately I ended up diving back into training. This time around, it involved carbines as well as handguns. Since coming back, I’ve trained with Travis Haley, Ernest Langdon, Matt Graham, and Buck Doyle. About that time, I also began writing for the industry with most of my articles going to Dillon’s Blue Press.

Additionally, in my never ending quest to be a better shooter and increase my knowledge, I’ve also begun shooting USPSA in the open division because, well, I prefer the lack of rules for open.

I think that about covers it.