Hiking the Ape Cave at Mount Saint Helens, Washington

"Skylight" in Upper Ape Cave, Washington

Today is going to be a bit of departure from the usual content here on Bores and Blades. The GFU (girlfriend unit) and I elected to drive down and hike the Ape Cave on the south side of Mount Saint Helens. Clearly this is what one should do when out of shape, right?!?!


First up, we needed lights and batteries. I opted to use a Streamlight ProTac 1L-1AA  flashlight and clip it to the brim of my Tactical Tailor Bad Things hat. I also took along 4 spare batteries for it. Hiking the upper and lower sections of the cave with the light on high, resulted in the the consumption of two CR123 cells. Continue reading “Hiking the Ape Cave at Mount Saint Helens, Washington”

4 Things To NOT DO While Carrying A Gun In Your Car

Ah nothing like starting the morning with video evidence of stupidity. Folks, some people out there are not only incapable of critical thought, they also teach from that perspective. The video in question today was put out by someone who is already known for blatant idiocy. This one was no exception. In this one he was explaining how to carry in the car. I’m not going to identify him as he doesn’t deserve the web traffic. So, with this in mind, let’s talk about Continue reading “4 Things To NOT DO While Carrying A Gun In Your Car”

AIWB Carry – Is It For You?

Often maligned and frequently misunderstood, Appendix Inside the Waistband (AIWB) carry is not a new concept. For those that don’t know, AIWB is a reference to carrying a pistol at the front of the body inside the belt line.It goes back to the old west.  It was also popular with gang members (sans holster) going back 20+ years. It has just seen a resurgence in popularity over the last couple of years. With that popularity has followed cries of “you’ll shoot Continue reading “AIWB Carry – Is It For You?”

What Have You Made Recently?

Mirko's knife made of O1 tool steel and G10 composite. Photo courtesy of Mirko
Mirko’s knife made of O1 tool steel and G10 composite. Photo courtesy of Mirko

My friend and fellow shooter, Mirko, just finished showing off a knife he made. He’s computer guy for a living but wanted to make something of his own. Despite being his first attempt, he succeeded in making a very nice knife. The materials used were O1 tool steel for the blade and G10 composite for the handles scales. It’s pretty neat. Seeing this unfold got me to thinking.


I don’t see home craftsman made items as frequently as in days past. It’s Continue reading “What Have You Made Recently?”

Is the Revolver Dead?

Just today someone tried to tell me revolvers are more reliable than semi-auto handguns. My experiences say otherwise. That said, historically, a revolver could still be viable for self defense. But something is killing the revolver.

In a word, price and that makes me sad.

I just looked and I can find an S&W Model 60 for roughly $625. I looked for a Ruger SP-101 and found it for $535. Why would I want a 5 shot .357 Magnum when, for $15 more, I could have an auto pistol that holds 10 more rounds?   Continue reading “Is the Revolver Dead?”

Hobby versus Professional Use ARs

In the whole debate of hobby versus professional guns there is often a lot of frustration. The hobby gun guys don’t understand that professional users require higher quality components. Frequently this leads to accusations of snobbery. Meanwhile the professional users don’t understand that the people building hobby guns are more concerned about a budget. Professional users don’t understand why someone would spend money on lower grade parts or guns. There is a huge amount of miscommunication going on and a lot of it stems from people failing to identify their objective. Are they after a hobby/plinker gun something more serious, such as a gun for home defense.

Now, let me also point out there user wise, there is a whole spectrum of AR Continue reading “Hobby versus Professional Use ARs”

Weaponize Your Environment – Improvised Weapons

Over the last few days, I’ve considered what could be done if one didn’t have a handgun at their immediate disposal. I know some say things like “I don’t go anywhere I can’t take my gun.” Great. Most the world doesn’t live that way. Not only that, but it’s my view that limits the experiences a person can have in life. At any rate, it was while sitting in my local Starbucks that I took a look around. In the event I needed to, what could I use and how?


What do you see in this picture that can be used as a weapon?
What do you see in this picture that can be used as a weapon?
  • Fire extinguisher – The fire extinguisher could be used either by discharging it or as an impact weapon.
  • Newspaper basket – (I’ve never seen a newspaper actually in it) The newspaper basket could also be used as an impact weapon.
  • Mugs – There is a display that holds about a dozen mugs. The mugs could be thrown or used as impact weapons.
  • Wooden Chairs – Wooden chairs can be used as an impact weapon.
  • Someone Else’s Laptop – A laptop can be used as an impact weapon. I say someone else’s because mine is small and light however, I see someone else using a 15″ MacBook Pro.

Midway through the two days it has taken me to put this post together (due to interruptions), John over at Active Self Protection put this gem together.

While I don’t necessarily recommend kicks to disarm a knife wielding attacker (it can expose the femoral artery to being cut), i thought this was interesting. With very little hesitation, the white shirt dude grabs a bottle of wine as a potential weapon.


So with these thoughts in mind, I challenge you to spot 5 things you are not carrying, that could be utilized as a weapon in a pinch. Also, how would you use them? Feel free to respond in the comments.

What’s Your EDC today?

The author's Glock 19 in a Raven Concealment Eidolon holster shown alongside a SOFTT-W tourniquet carried in a Phlster Flatpack, Kershaw CQC-6, Streamlight 1L-1AA, and modified Zebra pen.
The author’s Glock 19 in a Raven Concealment Eidolon holster shown alongside a SOFTT-W tourniquet carried in a Phlster Flatpack, Kershaw CQC-6, Streamlight 1L-1AA, and modified Zebra pen.

Due to crap news overnight and more this morning. Neither incident has had 72 hours to get sorted out and have some semblance of accuracy. With that in mind, I’ve decided we need a fun day on here. So, just for the fun of it, what are you carrying on your person today? Are you satisfied with your set up? What Continue reading “What’s Your EDC today?”

Knives and Terror Attacks

There was some online discussion over who made the knives that were used in the London Bridge attack. Some seemed to think they were ceramic. Someone point out that they were just cheap painted steel blades made by Ernesto under their Lidl line. While I was researching this, I discovered a website making a huge deal out of the fact that “these deadly knives are still available”.

Holy crap folks. News flash, even a knife made with crappy steel can be deadly if used improperly (or properly depending on your point of view). That said, generally knives with cheap steel blades aren’t worth a damn in the kitchen.

So what are we going to do? Continue to try to “save society” by outlawing stuff and making everything safety oriented? Are we going to force people to buy knives with blunted tips? UK, that last one was a joke. Don’t get any ideas.


Why wouldn’t requiring knives have blunted tips work? Because with a half ounce of metallurgy knowledge, a grinder, some water, and a little diligence, a blunt tip can be made sharp.

Even if we completely outlawed knives (which would make cooking damn miserable by the way), there would still be problems. Afterall, they still find shivs in prison and it’s not likely they’re legally for sale there.

In the U.S.A. we have been fortunate that the “nanny government” has largely remained in a handful of large cities and a few states, though it is slowly spreading. Make no mistake though, those governments would absolutely restrict knives if they thought they could at this point. You know because look busy.


Who really knows. But we could try a couple of things. Stop instigating unncessary fear. Also, for countries like UK we even knives are pretty strictly regulated, maybe they could allow their citizens the tools they need to fight back instead of telling them step three is to call the police. Let law abiding citizens have knives. Let them have guns. And give them permission to fight back. To do otherwise is to basically say “go ahead and attack us. We won’t fight back so you can inflict maximum casualties.”

But what do I know, I’m just gunwriter.