Universal Background Checks

Recently, a PERSONALITY in the shooting industry (lower case letters just don’t do the man justice) was interviewed by a Comedy Central program. Somewhere near the end, he was was asked about Universal Background Checks (UBCs). His answer was that he supported them. Now, whether this was edited or not, I do not know and I haven’t yet had an opportunity to ask him about it. There is evidence of heavy editing. Be that as it may, rather than being reasonable human beings, many immediately jumped to the industry standard practice of eating its own. Not particularly productive. I maintain we would have more success if we made the case for why UBCs are sort of misguided.

Here is the clip in question:



So what are the problems with UBCs? Continue reading “Universal Background Checks”

Top 3 All Around Self Defense Handguns 2017

I remember my first carry pistol. It was an HK USP .40 Compact. .40S&W was the new hotness when I turned 21 (Jesus I feel old) and I was all about Heckler and Koch. Too many Rogue Warrior novels probably. Ultimately, it went away in favor of early production Kimber 1911. I found I could shoot the 1911 more accurately with less effort. In retrospect, I suspect if I had just gone the 9mm USP Compact route things would have been marginally better. Be that as it may, we have some truly great options out there for all around concealed carry use nowadays.

For the purposes of this post I was aiming (pun fully intended) for handguns Continue reading “Top 3 All Around Self Defense Handguns 2017”

Avoid This Flashlight Technique

In my Facebook feed this morning, I saw this article from Police One. I about face palmed myself senseless. They are touting “the only flashlight technique you’ll ever need.” I guess it’s great clickbait at best. At worst it’s liability waiting to happen.


First, the author is advocating honest to god hip shooting. This went of favor for a reason. It’s one thing to shoot from retention folks. It’s another when you get past arms reach or further. Continue reading “Avoid This Flashlight Technique”

The Inaugural 2017 Vision X Night Match Classic

A view of stage Stage 3, Pro Am Hero, before the lead started flying.
Jeff Snope run's the clock while USPSA Grandmaster Scott Pries engages the silhouettes with his handgun on Stage 5, Back the Blue.
Jeff Snope run’s the clock while USPSA Grandmaster Scott Pries engages the silhouettes with his handgun on Stage 5, Back the Blue.

I’d never shot a USPSA-type match. Previously, all I’d shot had been steel and a few IDPA matches over the years. My experience may have continued that way except I got notice that Jeff Snope, a local 3 gun competitor, was organizing an outlaw USPSA-esque night match. This match was to be held at Continue reading “The Inaugural 2017 Vision X Night Match Classic”

Bullets and Bad Decisions 1

A statement I’ve frequently heard is something to the effect of “If someone trespasses on my property, I’ll shoot them” or “If someone tries to steal my car, I’ll shoot them.” While I totally agree that thieves suck and there should be stiffer penalties for theft, when these things actually do happen, the results are generally less than favorable for the gun owner.

Incident Example one occurred recently here in Washington State, a  homeowner had a second dwelling. Now whether it was on his property as an Continue reading “Bullets and Bad Decisions 1”

Accident or Negligence?

Recently, firearms instructor Melody Lauer (limatunes – seriously, follow her) shared someone else’s (we’ll call him Fred*) Facebook post. The post in question talked about a problem that “Fred” had with an aftermarket trigger in his Glock. Someone bumped the gun and took a tumble that resulted in an unintentional discharge. The bullet narrowly missed “Fred’s” head. “Fred” claims he had purchased the gun with said aftermarket trigger already Continue reading “Accident or Negligence?”