Accident or Negligence?

Recently, firearms instructor Melody Lauer (limatunes – seriously, follow her) shared someone else’s (we’ll call him Fred*) Facebook post. The post in question talked about a problem that “Fred” had with an aftermarket trigger in his Glock. Someone bumped the gun and took a tumble that resulted in an unintentional discharge. The bullet narrowly missed “Fred’s” head. “Fred” claims he had purchased the gun with said aftermarket trigger already Continue reading “Accident or Negligence?”

Follow Through Consulting’s Scoped Carbine Class

Buck taking time to explain use of the TreMor 2 reticle.

Sometimes, you meet people and you quickly become friends with them. Sometimes, those friendships pull you in unforeseen directions and this particular friendship was one of those. It had started with, “Hey bro, you should come take this class with me.” “What is it?” I asked. The class turned out to be Follow Through Consulting’s Scoped Carbine offering. I thought readers might like to hear about it.


For the Scoped Carbine class, I was going to have to reconsider the set up of Continue reading “Follow Through Consulting’s Scoped Carbine Class”

Glock Pig Nose

A shameful Pig Nose afflicted Glock. Oh the horror Thankfully it's only a minor case
A shameful Pig Nose afflicted Glock. Oh the horror! Thankfully it’s only a minor case

For those that don’t know or haven’t heard, there is something called “Glock Pig Nose”. This is the name given to the slightly upward turned dust cover resulting in an uneven gap between the frame and slide. Apparently this is a terrible, unlivable condition. Not only that, but there are support groups er, uh tutorials on how to fix it.

On doing some research after hearing about today, I found out this is normal. Your Glock doesn’t have erectile dysfunction or anything. Apparently it has to do with the cooling of the polymer, or so I’m told. This uneven gap has absolutely no effect on function.  Regardless, it apparently bugs the absolute shit out of some people.

Let’s face it though, if pig nose bothers you more than not training or taking a class, you have seriously misplaced priorities or a bad case of OCD.  I’m guessing the former.

Langdon Tactical – Tactical Pistol Skills Class Review

Photo of Ernest Langdon
The author's gray frame Glock 19 and some of the Black Hills 115gr FMJ ammunition he used during Langdon's Tactical Pistol Skills class
The author’s gray frame Glock 19 and some of the Black Hills 115gr FMJ ammunition he used during Langdon’s Tactical Pistol Skills class.

Over the years, I’d heard many good things about Ernest Langdon. I had usually heard this from Duane Thomas. As I became acquainted with some other personalities, mostly online, such as Tamara Keel, who writes for SWAT and John Johnston of Ballistic Radio, Langdon’s name kept coming up. By this point, he had landed on my short list of people to train with. Shortly thereafter a friend mentioned Langdon would be in town to teach his Tactical Pistol Skills class. I immediately got in touch and signed up. Next, I called on Black Hills for some ammo. I didn’t have enough components to reload enough ammo for the class. It isn’t often an instructor on my short list ventures into my region and I thought Dillon’s (now my blog’s) readers might enjoy reading about the experience.


For those not familiar with Ernest Langdon, Continue reading “Langdon Tactical – Tactical Pistol Skills Class Review”

Carrying A Gun At Home

Glock 19, KelTec P32, Grey Ghost Plate Carrier and Plates
Glock 19 and Kel Tec P32 shown on Grey Ghost Plate Carrier with Grey Ghost Level IV Plates.

Recently the subject of carrying a gun at home came up in an online discussion. A number of people chimed in. Some commenters stated that they keep a centrally located shotgun or carbine. Many commenters said they wear their guns all day every day, even at home. Claude Werner made the following observation:

Continue reading “Carrying A Gun At Home”

Rainier Arms Ultramatch Billet Ambi Lower Mod 3

I have been something of a “traditionalist” where AR pattern rifles are concerned. Generally, I’ve just wanted a good lower receiver built to the standard pattern. The exception to this, until recently, was Radian’s Model 1 (formerly the AXTS Mi-T556) but the lower hasn’t been available. That said, the Rainier Arms Ultramatch Billet Ambi Lower Mod 3 may have changed my mind.


One of the first things I saw were the integral quick release sockets. A nice Continue reading “Rainier Arms Ultramatch Billet Ambi Lower Mod 3”

Antigravity Batteries XP-1 Micro Start Review

The Antigravity Batteries XP-1 Micro Start Personal Power Supply
The Antigravity Batteries XP-1 Micro Start and the various accessories that it comes with. Note that this picture does not include the phone adapter but has a Lightning Cord that the author added.

I’m sure some of you are already rolling your eyes and wondering why on earth I would be reviewing a back up battery on Bores and Blades. Just wait, hear me out. What I have here is the Antigravity Batteries XP-1 Micro Start. I’m also writing this review after having happily owned my XP-1 for a year and a half.

Some of you may assume it’s just an auxiliary battery to run electronics off of. While that is true, there’s a more capability to this unit. Let’s start by looking at what this awesome little battery actually is.

The Antigravity Batteries XP-1 Micro Start is a compact Continue reading “Antigravity Batteries XP-1 Micro Start Review”


The Spyderco Tenacious on a moss covered rock
The Spyderco Tenacious, open.

Ok, I love my $100+ knives as much as the next guy, perhaps even more so. Sometimes however, on needs something more affordable. To that end, I firmly believe that the best bang for the buck is the Spyderco Tenacious.

I know some may be averse to spending a lot of money on a knife. Sometimes it’s because frugality is the goal. Some environments also pose an increased Continue reading “A GREAT BUDGET KNIFE – SPYDERCO TENACIOUS REVIEW”